Lawn Games

Living in beautiful SoCal, it's always a nice idea to socialize outside. Why not mix up your next outdoor event with a fun game for the entire family, friends and co workers.  Weather for your wedding, a corporate bbq or an outing to the beach, we have some of the best lawn games that you can rent for the entire weekend. 

Have endless fun with your family, friends and co workers! Rent our games today!

*Client picks up and drops off, in Costa Mesa, Ca. Delivery/pick up can be arranged for a fee starting at $50.

Terms & Conditions



A payment of the total rental price is required in order to make a reservation. Should a client want to cancel the order, the payment will be fully refundable if cancellation is done up to 48 hours prior to pick up date.

Rental Period

The standard rental period is for 3 days. The renter is responsible for safely storing the games from inclement weather and to prevent damage from the time they are delivered until they are returned.

Games Pick-Up/ Drop Off
Pick up and drop off ours : 8 am to 1 pm on any day. Customer may request  games to be delivered and picked up for an extra non refundable fee, that starts at $50 depending on location to be delivered and picked up. Games must be in the same condition as they were when delivered.

Rental Security Deposit
A security deposit will be collected from the renter and held until the games are returned and confirmed to be in the same condition they were when picked up. The security deposit will be 50% of the rental total. This security deposit will be used to repair any damage outside of normal wear and tear, should it occur. The security deposit will be returned in the same manner deposit was paid. Payment will be returned on same day the games are returned.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather during the rental period it is the responsibility of the renter to move the games to a dry location to protect them from sustaining any kind of damage. No refunds will be made in the occurrence of inclement weather (rain, snow, high winds, etc.).

Rental Game Unavailable due to Damage or Theft
Every attempt will be made to rebuild a lawn game prior to a reserved event. Should the lawn game you reserved be stolen or completely destroyed by the previous renter, an available alternate game will be offered with the rental price adjusted accordingly or a refund will be given for the game that is unable to be rented.

Appropriate Use of the Games
The games are intended to be played in a reasonable and respectful manner according to the instructions provided with the games. The games are not to be misused in a manner which could cause damage, which includes but not limited to: hanging things from the games, attaching things to the games, resting drinks on the games, etc. It is the responsibility of the renter to assure that misuse does not occur.

Wear and Tear
Due to wear and tear, the appearance of the games may be slightly different than pictures on the website. The games are subject to wear and tear from normal rental use and may sustain minor cosmetic damage and blemishes during the rental period and the renter is not liable for these types of damages.

Repairable Damage
The renter acknowledges that they are liable for any and all repairs required, outside of normal wear and tear, to make the games available to be rented again. The condition of each rental game will be documented before and after the rental period to justify any repair costs that are charged to the renter. The security deposit will be used to pay for any required repairs and additional costs exceeding the security deposit will be the responsibility of the renter.

Damage Beyond Repair/Lost/Theft of Games
Should a rental game be damaged beyond repair or lost/stolen by the renter, renter will be financially responsible for the replacement of the rental game and security deposit will not be returned. In addition to the security deposit, the renter will be liable for any financial loss sustained until the rental game is replaced. The financial loss will be calculated from scheduled rentals which require refunds and lost rental opportunities because the game is unavailable.

Dispute Resolution     

In the unlikely event that a renter is dissatisfied with the rental service provided, they agree to cooperate with Andie Brasil Events to discuss and come to a resolution which satisfies both parties.

Limit of Liability     

Andie Brasil Events and all representatives are only financially responsible and liable for up to, but not to exceed the payments and security deposit received by the renter; this applies to the rental price of the games during the rental period agreed upon. The renter acknowledges that they are solely responsible for assuring that their guests are using the lawn games in a safe and civil manner. The renter agrees that any and all bodily injuries sustained, up to and including death, are the responsibility of the renter and their guests. The renter and guests indemnify and hold harmless Andie Brasil events and all representatives involved from any and all legal action. Renter acknowledges that they have read and understand the terms and conditions listed above and hereby agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.